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Proven Relief of Muscle Pain


Are you in pain? Are you not able to do the things that mean the most to you because of  Headache, Neck or Shoulder Pain, Back or Knee Pain. Do you want a proven, safe and cost effective solution which does not involve dangerous drugs or surgery? Discover the secret that pro athletes have used for years to deal with these disabeling conditions.

Were all athletes!  In one way or another. Elite professional, club level player, weekend warrior to occupational athlete.  Our bodies respond to damage and pain the same.  The professional athlete has the most sophisticated and effective tools of our century to get them back in the game as fast as possible.  We go beyond traditional chiropractic.  This almost always involves the use of several modalities.  Protocols such as; COLD LASER, RAPID RELEASE INSTRUMENTS, ACTIVE RELEASE and GRASTON TECHNIQUES, SCIENTIFIC NUTRITION and CUTTING EDGE REHAB.

These tools allow the practicioner to address the most common drivers of chronic and acute pain.  Inflammation, Scar Tissue, Muscle Imbalances and Nutrtional Deficiencies.

Take a minute and read the section at the top "ART" and find out why were so different!

Discover How Pro Athletes Are Treated.  And Get Back In The Game.

Leave your contact info and I'll send you a free copy of my nutrition e-book.  This guide will start you down the path to being pain free and achieving optimum health.

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Man Boobs, Part Deux.
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The Solution

At long last the much anticipated sequel to "Man Boobs" (The solution). As you recall that unavoidable exposure to xenoestrogens causes femenization in men and early puberty in children. That over consumption of WTC  (white trash carbs) causes increased fat storage. Fat cells produce Estrogen and Aromatazewhich causes testosterone to break down into additional estrogen.  The combined estrogen burden adversely affects the testes, adrenals, liver, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid and pituitary.

"Getting the mojo back"  
  • Fix the digestion
  • Maximize liver function
  • Purification; remove the toxins
  • Maintain a modified purification, i.e. Paleo diet
  • Inhibit aromataze activity
  • Increase testosterone production
  • Exercise
 First, Fix the Digestion. Your stomach is your first line of defense.  The natural acidity will deactivate the pesticides, hormones, plastic residue and antibodies in food which we take in our bodies before they can create all there negative down stream events. Unfortunately up to 80% of us are deficient  in HCL  (The acid in our stomach).  Zypan is the product of choice to replace this naturally. This is a big first step.
Second, Maximize liver function. The liver plays a key role in dealing with these estrogen mimicking compounds. 
  • If the liver is not efficient hormones are not properly processed.
  • Hormone metabolites re-enter circulation attaching to androgen receptor sites and disrupting testosterone production.  
 Phytonutrients facilitate hormone metabolism. You need to consume 6-8 servings of cruciferous vegetables per day......Yea right!  Who will actually do that? Honestly not me. So a product called Cruciferous Complete taken daily will. Also Livton Complex is used to help keep the liver clean. 
Next Purify.  
Zypan, Cruciferous Complete andLivton will manage the on slot of harmful chemicals we ingest and it's the first step but it's unrealistic to expect them to clear out all the years of toxic sludge we have all accumulated over the years. We must purge this toxic build up out of our bodies. 
There are numerous ways to detox. I personally had great success with theStandard Process system. A side benefit of a good detox is a dramatic decrease in pain. Sometimes a life changing decrease. We continue a good thing by adopting a modified Palio diet. The term Palio  has become a buss word and has different meanings depending on who your listening to.  I prefer the term Ancestral Diet. Refer to my nutrition guide for my version of it. (If you don't have a copy e-mail me and I'll see that you get it).  
The next step.
Inhibit Aromataze.
The Cruciferous Complete serves a dual purpose for this but a great addition is a herb called Damiana. There is actually a liqueur with Damiana  in it that has long been a traditional  aphrodisiac. In clinical trials this has been shown to reduce aromataze and increase libido.  Green tea is also good for this. 
Raise Testosterone. 
You could take exogenous testosterone. i.e. A needle in your butt every week.....or a patch. "I do" I could B.S. you and try to convince you that certain supplements work just as well but it would be just that,  Bull Shit!  You realistically want a fast track change? This is it. However; there are some risks. All in all it's actually a very safe drug. A side benefit is that at 200 mg per week it's a more effective birth control agent than the pill. You need to consult with an M.D. for this and I can turn you on to my doc if your interested.  Now, there are natural ways to also do this. They are effective just not as dramatic. But they do work. Hell, just doing the stuff I've already suggested will work miracles. Tribulus and Zinc work very well. In fact most humans are deficient in Zinc. Critical for natural testosterone production. Important for the ladies too.
Lastly, Exercise:
Probably the most important key to this whole issue. I can't over emphasis this aspect. The single most efficient and economical form of exercise is resistance training. And here's the reality of it. It takes some effort. All of the dietary changes will have a dramatic effect but the level of not only cosmetic change but physiological change will be proportionate to the level of work you put into it. 

I've given you the fountain of youth. Backed by the most current cutting edge research and what actually works in the trenches. You have the power to control your own destiny. 
We don't have to ideally stand by and watch the ravages of time and our environment take it's toll. For those of you who know me I just turned 58. I have incorporated these protocols for years and my bio markers show the results of a man in his 20's. I'm also stronger now than when I played football in school. Our ability to defy the clock and stay young in mind, body and spirit has never been greater. The choice is yours!  
I will be offering free workshops on the details of this system.
It will be fun and educational. If you would like to sign up e-mail me or call the office and register. I'll be announcing the dates soon.
As always, Watching your back, Dr. Steve 


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Proclamation Office Of The Governor

The State of Oregon is very progressive. Interestingly the governor is also an M.D. Listen to what he wrote regarding Chiropractic. 

WHEREAS: Oregon and our nation have a growing health care crisis, the cost of which is having a profound impact on our state and national budgets; and

WHEREAS:  The state of Oregon has a goal to produce healthy citizens rather than simply financing and delivering health care; and

WHEREAS:  The state of Oregon has one of the highest sales rates for prescription opioid narcotics and spinal surgeries per capita in the nation: and

WHEREAS: The state of Oregon evidence-based Low Back Pain Management Guidelines recommend spinal manipulation as the only drug-free treatment for acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain; and

WHEREAS:  Oregon's 1,500 licensed Doctors of Chiropractic are primary care providers specializing in spinal manipulation but also health promotion and wellness; and

WHEREAS:  A seven year prospective follow up study analyzing 70,274 member-months of patients managed by doctors of chiropractic resulted in 85% reduction in drug costs, 62% reduction in MRI's and surgeries, 60.2% reduction of, in-hospital admissions, and a 59% reduction in hospital days; and

WHEREAS:  Services of Doctors of Chiropractic result in improved health, satisfaction, safety and reduced per capita costs.

NOW, THEREFORE:  I, John Kitzhaber, M.D. Governor of the State of Oregon, hereby proclaimOctober 2014 to be

Fun Facts

Number of physicians in the US: 7000,000

Accidental deaths caused by Doctors per year: 120,000
Accidental deaths per physician: 0.171

Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000

Number of accidental gun deaths per year: 1,500

Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.0000188

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners. 

In all seriousness, I have several medical doctors as patients and some are dear friends. They get a bad rap but they perform in a very high risk climate. If I sawed my arm off I probably would bypass the Chiropractor and head straight to ER....


I sentence you to 30 days in The Chair!
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Your Chair is Killing You

I've been telling my patients for some time about the evils of prolonged sitting. 
It really is the new smoking. Not surprising is that in addition to the deleterious effects it has on creating musculoskeletal disorders the role it plays on increased morbidity is now being fully understood.
The average American sits 13 hours a day.
Based on 18 studies reported during the past 16 years, covering 800,000 people. Those who sat for more than 4 hours a day while watching television had a 46% increase in deaths from any cause compared with people who sat in front of the tube for less than 2 hours. Also, sitting for more than half the day doubles the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. 
Obese people sit on average 2.25 hours longer than their lean counterparts every day. These sedentary obese people expend 350 fewer calories per day.
An interesting component in the difference between lean people and obese people is whats known as NEAT, or "Nonexercise activity thermogenesis."  
This is basically the energy you expend just going about your daily life. A fascinating study was done where 16 lean adults were overfed 1,000 extra calories over their daily energy needs for 8 weeks. That's an additional 56,000 extra calories. Guess what? None of them gained any extra fat! (Don't you just hate them). Sensors placed in their underwear.... No Joke, monitored their NEAT  and showed that they unconsciously increase their activity level even while sitting. Even fidgeting (like bouncing your leg increases this level). 
  I would estimate that the majority of back pain patients I see that are not caused by an acute injury (and many that are), are a result of the cumulative effect of sitting too much. Even athletes who spend hours a day training are at risk. Let's face it we all spent years in school where we do what? Mainly sit in class all day. We drive cars, we sit in front of computers, T.V's, most of us have desk jobs. You can be in the gym 2 hours a day every day of your life but what are you doing the other 22 hours? 
  Remember your mother telling you "don't make nasty faces, your your face will freeze like that.  We'll she was sort of right. 
It only takes 20 minutes for a muscle fiber that is contracted to tend to want to stay shortened. Sitting shortens many of the muscles in the front of the body while essentially neurologically inhibiting the posterior chain. (All the muscles on the back side of your body). Inhibiting means that the muscles are not "firing"  in the correct sequential order as you move. This in turn creates faulty movement patterns and places tremendous strain on the joints. 


You have to break the cycle. You have to get up every 20 minutes and move! 
One of the things I do is called a Founders Pose. 
It's a hybrid move of yoga and pilates and Thai Chi.
Google "youtube foundation training mercola" 
At the end of the video the developer of this system will instruct you on how to perform 4 of the basic movements for free. Do this pose every 20 to 30 min while your sitting and watch your life change.
Many top level professional athletes swear by this system. They all say the same thing, "not only did my back stop hurting, I became a better athlete". Why?  Turn the posterior chain back on and your training becomes much more efficient. 
As always, watching your back, Dr. Steve


South Beach Pain & Injury Newsletter
Coconut Oil, Miracle or Hype?

There has been a lot of attention in the media lately regarding the benefits of coconut oil in various uses.

Like everything, we need to always question the varasity of the information we receive from any source and apply critical thinking to that information. 
While coconut oil has numerous documented healthy  uses some remain questionable. 
    The concept of "Oil Pulling"  is one of those.  The premise is that by holding a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 10 to 20 min. you will cure every thing from bad breath to chronic fatigue syndrome.  
The practice is actually ancient in ayurvedic  medicine where many different types of oil were advocated. However all the benefits remain anecdotal.  Coconut oil has been shown to kill streptococcus mutans .  The bacteria that sticks to your teeth. So it  may have  some dental protective properties, especially if you combine baking sodaand use it as a tooth paste  but the ideal that it has detoxification effects sounds suspicious to me.   The body has a detoxification system that eliminates toxins normally through the sweat glands, urine and feces. This system is very efficient but sadly overwhelmed in most every one. We as a nation have been engaging in one giant chemical experiment since the 1940's with hundreds of additional toxic new ones introduced every year. Several excellent studies by the CDC and EPA have shown that all of us are loaded to the gills with toxic chemicals that interfere with normal human function. So doing a cleanseevery now and again is a smart thing to do. The start of a New Year is a great time to take that step. 
    What coconut oil has been proven to do is interesting. It's a fat that helps you burn fat.  Although it is asaturated fat  it is whats known as amedium chain triglyceride or MCT. These go through a very different metabolic pathway in the body.  It goes straight from the gut to the liver where 
it's used either for immediate energy or turned to ketone bodies. This in turn helps oxidize the most dangerous form of fat, visceral fat which is linked to cardiovascular disease and inflammation.  
It is also one of the best cooking oils as it has a very high smoke point.  This  is the temp where the oil breaks down and converts to a dangerous substance. It also adds a delicious quality to any food you cook. 
    So while I wouldn't rely on coconut oil to provide an effective detox, I would certainly say it should be part of your overall "must have"  components in your healthy living tool
  Watching your back,  Dr. Steve













Vaccines: The Sky is Falling

A couple of years ago it was the Bird Flu, a few months ago it was Ebola, and now it's the Measles. I guarantee in a few months it will be a new killer plague poised to wipe out humanity.  Why all the hoopla over these illnesses that never seem to pan out the way the media portrays?  First, let me be very clear...  I am not anti-vaccine.  What I am is pro-safety and pro-choice.  Questioning does not mean you oppose!
That said, let's look at what constitutes an outbreak.  Take the current plague dejour... the measles.  Approximately two to three hundred cases of measles occur in the U.S. every year. That's about what's occurred this year. Now granted, getting sick is no trip to Disneyland...."Unless you want the measles".  "Thank you, I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress".  But,  how many deaths?  Zip. Zero, Zilch .  Not in this country in over a decade.  In fact, it's historical record that not only was the measles  epidemic rate declining before introduction of the vaccine, but so was small pox and polio by 95%.  (All communicable  diseases have a bell shape curve of peak incidence and then decline). Sanitation is probably the single most effective thing ever done to combat a disease outbreak.  And yet, I have actually heard a Senator state that any physician who gives a parent information that challenges the conventional view of vaccines should lose their license.     
Really? Since when did "information" become dangerous? However, whats really frightening is that senate bill 277 has been drafted that willmandate all childhood vaccinations.  "Meaning a forced medical procedure"
I'm not going to engage in any speculation or emotionalism here.  I'm only going to give you
facts that I hope you will verify on your own.
The question to vaccinate or not should be every parents right based on  looking at both sides of this issue as objectively as possible.  Are vaccines safe and do they really provide protection?   Well, yes and no.

Fact: Of all the "Disneyland" cases of measles, 6 of these cases have confirmed that they had previously been vaccinated.  In China where vaccines are mandatory and have a 99% vaccination rate approximately 20.000 a year still contract the measles. In Canada 2012, 50% of all measles cases were in previously vaccinated children.  The New England Journal reported that all cases of measles seen in 1987 in Corpus Christi, Texas were in previously vaccinated children. 

  Are they safe?

Fact:  The CDC and Big Pharma will tell you unequivocally yes. Yet go to the CDC web site cdc.gov/vaccinesaftey/activities/vaers.html and on the first page you will find that every year 30.000 cases of vaccine injury reports are filed. Of that, 10 to 15 percent are classified as serious.  Serious meaning, "permanent disability, hospitalized, life threatening illness or death."  That's 4500 cases a year.  God forbid and something does go wrong,!  What you will face filing a case for vaccine injury is daunting.  Congress in 1989 set up a special court  to handle these issues. Meaning the pharmaceutical industry lobbied congress to set up a fire wall of indemnity from prosecution. You can not sue the pharmaceutical company.   You have to sue the U.S. government.  It takes on average 7 to 12 years to settle a case and millions in legal fees.  Interesting that they call it a court as there are no rules for civil procedure.  No rules of evidence.  No discovery,  no jury and no real judge. Ninety percent of cases filed must go through a causation process.  Proving causation is very difficult  because the type of research such as comparing vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated populations hasnever been done!  Oh and by the way... all cases that win are sealed!  In spite of how difficult it is to win a case over 3 billion in damage compensation has been paid out by this court.
These same people that tell you these drugs are safe have an interesting track record.  

Fact:  Merck ,withheld safety data for the drug Vioxx and subsequently killed 55.000 people. (That's about how many soldiers died in Vietnam.  No one went to jail.
Merck is currently under investigation for fraud regarding the efficacy of the mumps vaccine. 

Fact:  GlaxoSmithKline was found guilty and paid a record 3 billion dollars in fines for fraud and failing to report safety data for its anti depressant drugs.
Fact: Johnson and Johnson fined 2.2 billion dollars for the same thing regarding the drug Risperidal. 
I suppose that might seem like a pretty heavy price to pay, but considering they made 44 billion dollars from the sale of Risperidal alone, well that's just the cost of doing business.  And business is good... Real good.

The projected profit margin for vaccines in 2015 is 41 Billion.        

Fact:  The department of Health and Human Services has reported since 1986 that there has been 669 deaths from the DTP vaccine.
84 deaths from the Flu vaccine.
80 deaths from the DTaP vaccine.
57 deaths from the MMR vaccine.

Fact:  The CDC and the FDA both stated that 749 deaths from sudden infant death syndrome were the result of the Hib vaccine. (Greenmedinfo. 23 January 2015).  
I could keep going all day with example after example of how pharmaceutical companies have routinely put profit before safety.

Fact: Google the revolving door that exists between Big Pharma and the CDC.  There is a serious conflict of interest that I'm amazed is allowed to go on.     

Fact:  Dr. Marcia Angell was fired from The New England Journal of Medicine for stating, "It is no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published".    I'm sorry, but in light of all these facts , these institutions deserve to be questioned. 

Is there a link between Autism and vaccine? 

Although there are 97 research papers that do show a link, these institutions will tell you absolutely  not.  But what do they base this on?  The studies they site show that when Mercury was phased out of vaccines in 2000, the incidence of autism did not decline. It's actually steadily risen, indicating that mercury was not causative. However, what you don't hear is that Aluminum was at the same time phased up.  Aluminum, like mercury  is extremely neurotoxic.  

Fact: Autism in 1995 was 1 in 500.
In 2007 it was 1 in 150
In 2014 it's 1 in 68.

The "Canary in the Coal Mine" is on its back with its legs twitching.  Science had better pull its collective head out of its ass and figure out what is causing it, because at this rate by 2037 it will be 1 in 2!!! 
It takes $70,000 a year to care for an autistic child. We're doomed if it reaches that point. 
Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at MIT, has been studying autism and she sees a link between vaccines and the constant exposure to a chemical called Glyphosate. Glyphosate is widely used in Roundup, and sprayed on GMO crops.  Ninety percent of all corn and soy are GMO and have Roundup sprayed in extremely high levels. This stuff gets in the soil and all plants absorb what's in the soil they grow in...  meaning,  you can't wash it off!    

Fact: The vaccine schedule has risen from;
1970: 23 doses of 7 vaccines.
2015: 69 doses of 16 vaccines.

Whats in a vaccine?  Mercury  was still being sold in all vaccines distributed internationally up until 2004.   It's still currently in the multi-dose flu vaccine  at 50,000 parts per billion.  (The CDC states that any thing with over 200 parts per billion is considered a hazardous waste).

Fact:  The Amish, who generally refuse to vaccinate their children ,have almost no incidence of autism in their society.


The weight of this argument is not based on any one aspect or study, but on the entirety of supportive evidence. There is much more information from very reputable scientists and doctors out there which challenges the conventional orthodox view. Sadly the media never seems to give them the same opportunity to provide their evidence and often portrays any one who asks questions as a irresponsible lunatic.  I can only cover so much.  This is a complicated issue and to fully grasp the intricacies requires the willingness to not only challenge what we have been told but to also spend some energy educating your self on this subject.  I believe vaccines can be made much safer.  Serious questions need to be addressed about the number and timing of the vaccine schedule.  Parents who ask these questions need to be respected and not demonized by the media and misguided so called  " Leaders of Congress." What I find most disturbing is that the government is seriously considering taking away your right to decide what is put into you and your childrens bodies.  The language of  SB 277 states that in addition to all the diseases we currently vaccinate for;"any other disease deemed appropriate by the department" can also be mandated.   Understand that when you introduce a vaccine into a human body you are giving a drug.  All drugs have some degree of risk.  Injecting a virus into the blood stream is a very abnormal route of entry and causes a much different response by the immune system.  Please research this issue. Several award winning documentaries have examined this broad subject.  The movie,"Bought", "Silent Epidemic"  by Gary Null, PhD, and  "The Greater Good" are just a few. 

As always, watching your back, Dr. Bartz